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Emergent Abundance Farming Collective

Learn. Grow. Nourish. Give.

'A Place In The Conversation' a podcast featuring a couple members from the Emergent Abundance Farming Collective

The Emergent Abundance Farming Collective (EAFC) is a small, enthusiastic community of passionate, ecologically-minded members in pursuit of local sustainable farming to combat food insecurity. Founded in 2020 by Julia Smagorinsky, MAgrSc, in Kennett Square, PA. EAFC aims to directly address the challenges and needs for locally-sourced, sustainable and nutritious produce in an ever changing world. Our goal is food sovereignty for all by helping others recognize and utilize the abundance that surrounds us.

Live near Kennett Square, PA? Apply to join our volunteer team now!

Interested in donating? We appreciate your generosity! 


Information on being a member of our farming collective, how you can join, who is welcome to join and what we do!


2020 was rough but we are proud of the impact we were able to create and eagerly hope to best ourselves in donations during 2021!


Mindfully stewarding the farm through permaculture principals we're proud to introduce our helpers, big and small! 

"Emergent Abundance knows how to line a field with potatoes, but my colony wasn't very happy when they began uprooting. My family was dispersed but when I paused in shock at the giant aiming a metal dirt displacer at me ki paused, picked me up and helped me find the compost pile my family fled to. Ki also left several potatoes behind for us, so sweet, big fan."

Field Mouse

Kennett Square, PA

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