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The Emergent Abundance Farming Collective Family

Learn. Grow. Nourish. Give.

Chinese Praying Mantis

Pest Control

One of the only known predators of the invasive Lantern Fly, these elegant critters can change from green to brown! Stimulated by climate and the type of sun rays they change colors to absorb the amount of heat they need to survive. Similar to the changing of some tree leaves, they too eventually die from the cold, but hopefully after leaving behind egg casings!  The non-native Mantis was brought to this continent to assist in pest control, they thrive at it and we're grateful!


Ari Mari

Co-Founder & Media Organizer

Enthusiastic to learn more about utilizing permaculture principals to heal the soil, connect with nature and grow food to assist in eradicating food insecurity!

Ari is a founding member of the collective who can be found foraging for fungi in the #FungalFoodForest, taking pictures for the social media pages and pestering plants, critters and people to let kin feature them on this website ki is very proud to have built for this incredible collective!

ari website new.jpeg

Bumble Bee


Though their buzz may ruble your eardrums these friendly little balls of fuzz defy gravity as they stumble from one purple pea flower to the next! Similar to their cousin the honey bee they donn the black and yellow to fool predators into leaving them alone because unlike their cousins their only defense mechanism is that they LOOK scary!

With no stinger and those tiny little wings these critters may very well be the eighth wonder of the world!  

bee n.PNG

Yulia Smagorinsky

Co-Founder, Farmer & Change Facilitator

Yulia is enthusiastic to be supporting the ability of people to grow their own food and to learn the skills to respectfully interact with the Earth.

As a co-founder and co-leader of Emergent Abundance, kin is working towards social justice by sharing access to land and  knowledge on food and sources of healing. 

Yulia is offering further classes and facilitating workshops at WIdening Circle of Resilience and Connection(link below)!


Swallowtail Caterpillar

Quality Control Director

The swallowtail caterpillar will enjoy days of 'product testing' our parsley and dill before it becomes a chrysalis and begins it's transformation! A few greens are a small price to pay for a beautiful future pollinator! (While not harmful for humans to hold, it can be harmful to them if they're young, please leave these cuties alone!)

k and e beeeing cute.PNG

Katharine Michael & Ezra

Co-Founders, Membership Coordinator & Morale

Looking forward to learning more every step of the way, Kat and her partner in farm-time bring an unparalleled energy with them! Through intentional soil restoration to steward growth and collective empowerment, the earth delivers bounty in response that reaches far beyond this divine duo! Dedicated to eradicating food insecurity as much as they are about mindfully and joyfully connecting to nature, they are an integral and appreciated addition to the Emergent Abundance team!


Pest Control

Seen by many cultures as a sign of good luck Ladybugs are one of our favorites on the farm! 

Not only are they beautiful they also protect our herbs and vegetables by eating mealy bugs and aphids! 

In addition they also will prey on the immature harlequin beetles that torment any delicious leafy green from Swiss Chard to Cabbages! 

ladybug site.PNG

Lou Florence

Advisory Counsel Member

With a wide range of interests from art to lichen Laura fits right in as a friend to nature on the advisory counsel of EAFC! 

Ever since joining the collective Laura has gracefully and actively participated in regular meetings as well as coordinating with the Kennett Library to build program with so that we could gather and work on proposals and Grants! 

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Future Pollinator

While mainstream may regard them for their beauty and some farmers might consider them to be pests we consider these elegant little creatures grazing on our carrot greens to be future pollinators! 

We dedicate several plots of our little farm to producing beautiful flowers to attract and feed our local pollinators and do our best not to disturb or be bothered by their "teenage days" of grazing on our garden greens!


Alexandria Sasek

Co-Founder & Organizational Management

Alexandria brings the strategic planning and organizational skills from experience helping other nonprofits thrive to Emergent Abundance and our collective flourishes because of it! Passionately studying natural medicine making, Alexandria can usually be found in the herb garden! (See Image: Alexandria removing some Horsetail from the herb garden)

Soldier Beetle

Pollination & Pest Specialist

Related to the fan favorite, the firefly, these little beetles shine only in their ability to rival the bee in their pollination efforts. Flying around from flower to flower, these busy beetles can often be mistaken for a bee as their young color is more yellow, fading to a light brown as they age.  This Soldier is also instrumental in helping to control pest populations such as aphids, mealy bugs, as well as other crop pests!

Soldier Beetle.jpg

Monique Fegans

Holistic Healing Alchemist

Armed with the memories of medicine making with her grandmother and her connection to her ancestors beyond Monique brings the eyes, heart, hands and energy of a true alchemist. A relationship borne in reciprocity; gifts given and received; teas from the soil for the soil, self, and beyond.

A wellness advocate for all ages, Monique aims to help others build strong relationships with healing foods and activities!



Thistles may be considered public enemy number one by many, as it's spikey stems and leaves tend to be off-putting to children, parents and predators of baby lady bugs! 
Thanks to thistles providing a safe "nursery" for baby ladybugs, soldier beetles and many more pollinators and mealy bug predators (such as Lady Bugs) we try to thank our thistles and provided they aren't in the way of any of our vegetables thriving we leave them be! 
[Image shows a young thistle growing in between two cabbages]

Elisheva Image.jpg

Elisheva Paldor

Valued Member & Worm Officiant

 I moved to Delaware from Israel 3.5 years ago & somehow, in a miraculous way, I found this amazing collective.

Some of the things I love most about EAFC is having a place for me and my children to relax, connect with the land in reciprocity & enjoying super fresh organic fruits & vegetables, especially strawberries and raspberries, their favorites!

They love drawing & writing songs, inspired by the beautiful nature around them. We sow seeds & even brought worms, chill on hammocks while we rest & share picnics. 

For me, being part of the Emergent Abundant collective, is being part of a great group of people who want to give back to the earth & people! Being part of a process, learning together, laughing together, sometimes failing together. A place to develop, to challenge myself & to feel at home!

Grass Hopper

Compost & Good Luck Generator

A sign of good luck world wide, the grasshopper is not only a beautiful sight to behold but also a farm side serenade if you catch them at the right time!

In addition to eating some small pests this little friend leaves waste in their wake that is as beneficial for plant growth as many composts, just on a MUCH smaller scale! 

Grass hoppers are friends, and in some regions of the world, also food. While I am personally not brave enough I won't knock it, because I will also never try it!

hop off g.jpg

Karen Gowen

Photographer & Muscle

Conveniently located close to the farm Karen has not only been able to bless the collective with countless hours of planning and planting but also acting as our very own professional photographer! 

We're so grateful for all the fabulous top tier images Karen was able to take all season long to enhance our website and interest online! 

(Many of the beautiful pictures on this site are taken by Karen including the bee above and the pillar below)

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