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Community Connections

'A Place In The Conversation' a podcast featuring a couple members from the Emergent Abundance Farming Collective

In August of 2022 Emergent Abundance members participated in the Rising Nation River Journey and signed the Treaty of Renewed Friendship. Below is the opening line: 

"In the spirit of Chief Tamanend and in the spirit of William Penn, we, the undersigned, do openly recognize the Lenape Indian Tribe as the original inhabitants of Pennsylvania. We acknowledge the Lenape people as the indigenous stewards of their homelands and also as the spiritual keepers of the Lenape Sipu, or Delaware River."

To read the rest of the treaty and find more information click the link below!

Lenape Nation


EAFC continues to be humbled by support and generosity from our community! With assistance from local government, organizations and generous individuals, abundance has emerged and we're overjoyed at the opportunity to expand our ability to bless our community! 

Water tanks, donated and dropped off by a generous local philanthropist!

Kennett Library

The Kennett Library has been a great supporter of our organization by sharing awareness as well as providing a space for our steering community to gather and implement growth.

Chester County Food Bank

The Chester County Food Bank has continued to support our nonprofit by providing us with vegetable seeds and we deeply appreciate the work they do to support local community gardens! 


The Emergent Abundance Farming Collective (EAFC) was borne out of the immense and immediate need for fresh, healthy produce during the 2020 pandemic. Julia Smagorinsky spearheaded the coordination and growth of passionate volunteers to directly address the local challenges of food insecurity, as well as the heightened need for locally-sourced produce. EAFC began on a one-acre plot at a private farm in the Kennett area, which resulted in over 1,000 pounds of produce donated to local relief groups! 

However, the need for ethically-farmed and sustainably-grown food has no end in sight, especially now in times of economic uncertainty and ill health. What began as weekly donations to the Kennett Food Cupboard has developed into a blooming partnership with Kennett Area Community Services (KACS). EAFC is beyond excited to expand our community as well as our vegetable production thanks to recent approval to expand on an additional acre of farmland owned by Kennett Township! 

Abundance is Emerging, and we are so humbled by all the generosity! 

Major thank you to our supporters, you continue to help us grow food!

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