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  • How can I get involved with the Emergent Abundance Farming Collective if I live far away?
    We welcome anyone follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our email list at the bottom of our website, make donations if able, and implement the principals to bring permaculture to your area!
  • Can I bring my litte one(s) to the farm with me?
    Yes! One of our founding members brought her infant almost every day she volunteered at the farm, he remains one of our most important members in charge of moral and echinachea root cleaning! That being said, Emergent Abundance Farming Collective is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur and we ask all volunteers (or their parents) sign a waiver before they work with us, regardless of age.
  • Can I purchase any Abundance to benefit the collective as well as inspire my own Emergent lifestyle?
    We do not sell any of the things grown but we are in the process of getting a blog added to the site so that you can implement permaculture principals into your life!
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