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Shared Abundance

Learn. Grow. Nourish. Give.

Creating an inviting, nature honoring space for all different types of life is always at the forefront of our mindset and a portion of the abundance will always be made available to our members who dedicate their gifts and time to assist in eradicating food insecurity for those who face it. 

The Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania

We recognize the land we work with originally belonged to the Lenape Nation and to honor the lands original owners we inquired what harvests they would enjoy most and grew a Three Sisters garden as requested!


[Image features:(left to right) Chuck Gentlemoon DeMund (Lenape Nation), Alexandria Sasek (from our Collectie) and Mark Groff (Lakota Nation) all holding an ear of corn]


Kennett Food Cupboard

The Kennett Food Cupboard being the closest geographically was the first food bank that we were able to  supply with our fresh greens during our founding year of 2020. Featured in the overflowing box are some salad greens, fava beans, rainbow swiss chard, bok choy, cooking herbs and more!

Free Food For All, Wilmington Chapter

A wonderful charity that provides free meals to people who need it in Wilmington, DE. Regularly preparing and packaging hundreds of individual nutritious and often warm meals, we are honored to support this small dedicated team with some locally grown vegetables and herbs!

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